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Mental health is one of the most important aspects of well-being for human beings. If your physical health is sound, it's no good unless your mind is also in good shape. This is why mental health charities exist to bring further exposure and light to the issues surrounding people with mental health issues.

One of the most vocal mental health charities is the Zito Trust. The origins of the trust are heartbreaking but the charity helped to break lots of new ground.

What the trust did

There are several key things that the Zito Trust was committed to. Here are a few of the following key goals for the Zito Trust:

Protection of the public: Considering the tragedy that led to Jonathan Zito's death, the trust was committed to protecting the public in terms of violent mentally-ill people being able to hurt them. This is an extremely important part of what the charity did and this set it apart from the majority of run of the mill mental health charities that wanted to expose what it was like for people with mental health problems. The Zito Trust wanted to focus on keeping the public focused on how to protect themselves and why some mentally-ill indivlduals should be treated in the interest of the public.

Advocated community treatment orders: The Zito Trust also believed in advocating for community treatment orders for some mentally-ill individuals. This is something that was definitely seen as different compared to what most mental health charities did. The trust saw all of their hard work pay off with the 2007 Mental Health Act which made it law for mental health patients to have treatment if they are living in society outside of the hospital where they had treatment.

Research: The trust was dedicated to looking at new ideas and ways of conducting research into the lives of the mentally-ill as well as focusing on research into how the public can be affected by mental health individuals. Any charity that wants to do good in their sector needs to look at research as a way to achieve this. Research is ideal because it gives the public and key stakeholders and decision makers the fuel that they need to do more for mental health.

Inclusion between health professionals: The Zito Trust worked hard to encourage various types of health professionals such as psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists to work together on mental health issues, which was also fully realised with the 2007 Mental Health Act. The Zito Trust believed in inclusion across all spectrums for mental health in order to continue raising awareness about how the public and patients can know about mental health.

Patients: The Zito Trust also wanted to focus on how mental health patients receive the adequate care and support that they are seeking in order to fully protect their interests.

It's through these key aims and the vision of Jayne Zito that the Zito Trust became one of the most widely respected and known names in mental health in the UK.

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